Data Request Clipboard IconWe are very interested in collaborating on projects and sharing the data we have on aquatic ecosystems. If you are interested in using any of these datasets, please contact us or fill out our data access request form. This data has been shared with many individuals and institutions over the years. We also encourage those who use our data to work with our scientists in its interpretation and publication.

The Dorset Environmental Science Centre generates a wide range of environmental data designed to understand the state of Ontario's inland waters and investigate the effects that multiple stressors have in affecting their health. We monitor lakes and streams, many for more than 40 years, across 7 major initiatives:

  1. An intensively-sampled group of nine watersheds with 40 years of data on chemistry, physics and biology in both the lake and their catchment streams (Dorset A-lakes).
  2. An integrated set of sampling sites monitoring fluxes of water and solutes from 20 upland catchments, and 6 lakes small enough to study: inputs, outputs, and apply mass-balance and modelling approaches (Dorset Streams).
  3. A regularly sampled (spring/fall) group of 30 lakes that increases the spatial extent of our physical, chemical and biological, monitoring program for over 20 years (Dorset B-lakes).
  4. Benthic macroinvertebrates and associated environmental variables are collected on 20 lakes and 15 streams in the Dorset area once per year for 20 years (stream benthos = spring / lake crayfish = summer / lake benthos = fall).
  5. Spatial surveys (typically once per several years) that contribute to larger regional datasets on lake and stream ecosystems, including fish community data from the A-lakes.
  6. Real-time high-frequency temperature, oxygen and meteorology data from an automated raft on Harp Lake (THELMA) and Three Mile Lake (LOUISE).
  7. The Lake Partner Program and the Ontario Benthic Biomonitoring Network which generate citizen-science based water quality and benthos data (respectively) on hundreds of lakes and streams in Ontario.